Learning how to Blog

Ah, I have finally done what I have set out to do! Well, almost…I mean, at least I’m closer than when I started. What was my task you ask? Beginning a blog! So, for my students, all of those times I said, “Hey, you will just be able to follow me on my blog while I’m in Africa,” but didn’t actually HAVE said blog…I do now.

So, the teacher in me needs to identify the objective of this blog, so here it goes…

Objective: People will read this blog and gain a fuller understanding of what it means to be human, feel empathy for others, and give of themselves fully, while living vicariously through me and my adventures in Africa, and the world.

I hope that through reading this blog you will be able to identify, if even at the most basic level, that we are all simply human. That no matter what your socio-economic status, or your level of education, or what faith you posses, that we can ALL do something, anything to benefit our world in a positive manner.

For my young readers, I hope that you can see yourselves in me. That I am a 25-year-old college graduate, that jumped out of my comfort zone! It isn’t easy to make huge life decisions that may or may not work out, but when God is at the center of all you do, what can you say when He asks you to help his people?

I will attempt to update this blog at least once a week 🙂 Bear with me, as I am new at this and I will be in Liberia for a month.

I hope you enjoy my musings 🙂

Mike and I also have a Twitter account: Malawidreams11; follow us!



6 thoughts on “Learning how to Blog

  1. Yeah Ms. Jones! You are the BEST!!! Your blog looks wonderful and I will check it out each week with bated breathe anxiously waiting to see what you have been up to doing. I love the subtitle for your blog. Where did you come up with the name malawidreams11?

  2. YES! I’ve always wanted someone to wait with bated breathe for my writing; score! MalawiDreams just came to us when we were thinking about names that weren’t taken by Gmail (very romantic, I agree). BUT Malawi symbolizes the beginning of Mike and my dreams.

    Isaiah 6:8 is a verse that spoke to my heart through Mike and me pursuing our various adventures.

    • Maybe bated breathe was a bit of an exaggeration. In the picture by your name what scarf are you wearing? Is it the yellow one or the one I made for you? Furthermore, I cannot think of a more romantic moment that thinking of names not taken by Gmail. We all have our own version of romantic. My parents love grocery shopping together. Oh well.

      • That’s the scarf YOU made me. Thanks again for making it, I love it 🙂 Also, I think romance takes on new definitions the older you get…hmm…how, romantic?

  3. I’m so excited to be living vicariously through you! I, too, will wait with baited breath for your updates. I am beyond excited for you! LOVE!

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