Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Reading for the Flight

Reading for the Flight

(Actually I think it’s a 747, and I definitely know when I’m returning, I mean, I have my return flights already booked…).

I am thrilled to say that I am currently sitting in the JFK airport in New York City for another 4.5 hours as I await my next flight. On a happier note, my next flight is my flight to Ghana, which transfers me to Liberia!

I will be arriving in Liberia @4:30pm tomorrow. After that, Mike and I will be staying at Echo Lodge, eating mounds of sea food and probably just staring at each other because it’s been 8 weeks.

What a beautiful vacation we’ll have! (Well, I’ll have, Mike’ll be working). I am excited to experience a new culture.

The biggest take away I had from today was sitting by a man from Ghana today on the plane. We began talking about where each of us were going. We discussed how Americans always move a million miles a minute, and how in the United States Africa is always portrayed as a desolate wasteland waiting to be saved.

All in all, the biggest take away is that we got into a conversation about how people are all just people. No matter what your skin color, or your religious affiliation, there are good and bad people in out identifying spheres of life.

It’s time to stop identifying and dwelling on differences and instead focus on our beautiful similarities as human beings.

I pray that you treat all people with the utmost respect, no matter who they are!Next time I blog I’ll be in…Liberia!


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