“A simple solut…

“A simple solution to world hunger” Mary’s Meals

I have been in Liberia now for a few days. It was not until last night that I was able to experience “true” Liberia outside of a resort. Mike and I traveled to the town of Monrovia where we went to dinner and shopped at the local supermarket for dinner for the week.

Words cannot begin to express everything that I took in within a few short hours. The pictures you see describing the “slums” of Africa do little to truly depict the areas human beings are living in, daily.

For example, one of the most startling observations I made was the fact that the country has no garbage removal system in place. This means, that trash piles up onto pre-existing piles of trash in huge cities where thousands and thousands of people are living.

If you have never traveled to Liberia it may be helpful to note that it’s either sweltering hot, or raining. You can imagine what this does to the piles of trash that are scattered throughout the city.

Mike and I came back to Tubmanburg in the late afternoon and were welcomed by a large group of students from the deaf school that is located right next to Mike’s house. Absolutely adorable, beautiful children full of joy!

I love the fact that everyone I meet is upbeat and smiling. My favorite part of today was sharing “peace” with others at mass today. Members welcomed Mike and I with jubilant “peace be with yous.” God is truly good, all of the time!

Post more pictures of the deaf school tomorrow as I will be volunteering, AND going to a soccer game!


2 thoughts on ““A simple solut…

  1. “I love the fact that everyone I meet is upbeat and smiling.” — I knew a girl who started an orphanage in Africa (at the age of 16) who said the people she has met in Africa exhibit more joy over a pencil than Americans do over all of our possessions.

    • It’s true. You realize how much we take for granted, and how much “stuff” we feel we HAVE to have in order to survive. For example, I have to wash in a bucket. At first, I was cold and uncomfortable…I really didn’t like it. Then, I asked Mike to simply just help me to wash my hair (which I have a lot of) and that would help eliminate a lot of my frustration. The hair washing definitely turned into an act of service, and has helped our relationship to grow. How funny the way that God works in our lives 🙂

      Is the orphanage still up and running? Where is it located?

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