The girls getting their nails painted.

The girls getting their nails painted.

What a beautiful day in Liberia! This time of year is considered the “wet” season, the opposite being the dry season. This means that it rains more than usual. June marks the beginning of the wet season so it is not raining all of the time but the air is always damp. This means that our clothes never fully dry and are damp, and the air is thick and pungent! The wet season is nice however because the weather is more mild and not as scorching hot as it would be during the dry season.

Over the weekend, Mike and I spent time with Magnus, Patty, and Milona. We hosted “family” dinners every night so that we were able to visit with one another. Visiting with them was a beautiful experience, and it was nice to speak to others who are so compassionate about serving others!

While we were driving back to Tubmanburg I was thinking about how I was going to serve others while I am here. It dawned on me, as I looked down at my nails, that God was calling me to paint fingernails.

I instantly thought of the scripture where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet in an act of servitude (John 13-17). I try not to question God when he challenges me, so as soon as we got back to the compound I took my nail polish to the porch and got to work.

To paint a picture, the deaf school is in the middle of the Mary’s Meals compound. So, all of the children were able to see me coming back. Because of this, they all rushed to the truck as soon as we were stopped. A group of seven girls were at my truck door to greet me; but before I painted their nails, they insisted in helping Mike and me carry our things inside of the house.

One might think that because the children are unable to “speak” that our communication would be limited, but the opposite tends to happen. I find myself learning new words, spelling out what I need to say for them letter-by-letter. The patience and joy in these children is limitless!

By the end of my toe and fingernail painting adventure, I had painted around 20 sets of hands and feet! The children were adorable, and thankful for the gesture. It was a beautiful feeling to be kneeling down, wiping away dirt from toes, and loving on others through a simple act; painting nails.

What small act(s) can we do to show others we are willing to serve them? Is it not said that more often than not it is the small things that matter most?


Painting Nails

2 thoughts on “Painting Nails

  1. Wow, that is super amazing! Who thought that God will issue a challenge like painting nails. God talks about how he can use even a small gift to make a huge impact on other people’s lives. This is a great example of this happening. God used something as little as painting nails to bring joy to you and to kids. TOO GOD!!

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