Malnutrition v. Starvation

Life in the jungle has left me with many beautiful and unforgettable memories. 

Just yesterday, I was going into the bathroom to brush my teeth and a giant black lizard jumped at me. I was so startled that I slammed the bathroom door shut trapping said lizard WITH me in the bathroom….

Fortunately, I have lived to tell the tale.

Next, onto one of my favorite parts of Liberia; the people.

My favorite thing to watch is Mike walking with me in town. From all over the place children come running scream, “MIKE! MIKE! HULLO, MIKE!” It’s so heart-warming to see adorable young children gaining such joy simply from people watching.

They now recognize me too and have started yelling, “ALICE!” (The way Liberians pronounce Alex). Also, Alex is a man’s name here in Liberia so they think that my name couldn’t possibly be Alex. Image

I also went “into the field” for the first time this week. Meaning, I was able to go visit schools. While I was visiting schools I interviewed several children, and took their pictures. With this information I will be compiling short pieces for Mary’s Meals to publish to those people who donate.

In this way, people are able to see “the faces of Mary’s Meals” and get to know the children they’re helping on a daily basis.

Mike made some good points as we were discussing my adventure. Here in Liberia there are few children that are actually starving to death. The main problem is that the students eat ONLY white rice. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner; white rice.

This means that nutrition is a huge issue here in Liberia. 

Also, just for your information, whenever you see posters of children who are hungry and their bellies are “bloated” and it looks like they have had more than enough to eat, what that really means is that they are malnourished. Meaning, they DO get food, but they get the same food day in and day out (ie white rice).


2 thoughts on “Malnutrition v. Starvation

  1. Alex, this is so wonderful! I’m enjoying reading about your experiences and wish you all the best. It sounds like a lovely community with great people.

    • Thanks Lindsay! It’s so wonderful to hear from you; I was jumping up and down 🙂 I just got back from Liberia and we are moving to Malawi for 3 years at the end of September (but not before we go to Scottland, and Kenya) it’s a real whirlwind, but God is good!

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