Wedding Mode

If you’ve ever been married, and planned a wedding (even a small, intimate one like the Mr. and I are doing) you know how much work it is! This is especially true if you are completely anal, OCD, and unable to concentrate on any one said project due to wedding-onset ADHD.

That being said, God has blessed us abundantly. The people whom we love and adore will be there when we “tie the knot” and every single one of our family members has helped us tremendously. I am especially blessed by how patient everyone is with my near-tyraids that appear at random.

I am feebly attempting to keep everything in perspective. After all, at the end of (well, rather the middle due to the wedding beginning @ 4:30pm) August 10, I will be Mrs. Miller, and I will have an unbelievably Christ-centered husband.

A man who adores God more than myself, and encourages me in my walk with Christ. A man that will always put me second (after God of course) and will also help us to pray through the difficult times-God is SO good!

Here are some projects that I have been working on…it is a DIY wedding of course 🙂ImageImageImage


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