First Day Back @ Feeding Kids!

Michael is heading back out to do more work with Mary’s Meals. We will be moving, momentarily, to Blantyre, Malawi where Mike will be working for the next three years. Please pray for us as we make this huge transition; God is SO good!

Last night, Mike and I had some down time and we took a stroll around town. I love that my husband is always up for new adventures, it makes life with him so exciting! So, after finding a 24-hour gym called Pure, and attempting to join (Silly Americans don’t have pass codes on their credit cards) we were in pursuit of food.

Glasgow is quite charming, and we are currently staying at Premier Inn, a hotel in what is called the “city centre.” Meaning, we live smack-dab in the middle of downtown. The city of Glasgow is spread out and contains 600,000 people; wow!

Anyway, we passed a place called, “Chippy Doon the Lane” and stopped for dinner. Mike and I both got fish with him being the more traditional and sticking with fish-n-chips. I had a cajun salmon fillet, and everyone’s food was stupendous!

It’s a major blessing that we are able to spend this time here enjoying ourselves, growing closer to God, and as a couple.


First Day Back @ Feeding Kids!

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