When the Internet is slow…

As an American, I take many things for granted…quick, efficient, and readily available Internet is just one of many luxuries I take for granted in the U.S.

While Michael and I have been traveling abroad we have ran into less than quick Internet service. Unfortunately, this equates to a. either I cannot update my blog because there isn’t any Internet OR b. the posts are extremely basic due to loading times. Thus, resulting in lack-luster posts.

I do not want to spend all of my time especially with Mike on vacation this week updating the blog. I dream one day of being able to upload the videos we’ve taken, many, many pictures, and more descriptive pieces for all of you to read!

In the meantime, hang tight as we continue to keep you updated on our adventure.

I will begin (fingers crossed) choosing pieces of my faith to explain via blog posts. For example, where Mary, mother of God, fits into the Catholic faith, what is Holy Water? Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross? AH! I love my faith, it is SO rich.


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