Snack Shack

These are a few of my favorite things: rice cakes, natural peanut butter, honey, organic oats, bananas, all-fruit squeeze (aka apple sauce), and for the hubs: Nutella, bagels, and a blueberry muffin!

One of the “hardships” of traveling so much has been our diet. For goodness sake it’s unbelievably difficult to make healthy choices whilst traveling! The UK seems to be having an issue with healthy choices as well. In fact, the UK is beginning to parallel the United States in terms of obesity…yikes!

The distortion of costs for healthy food is much like the US. For example, I can  buy a few nectarines for a pound…not really  much of a meal…or I can purchase a large, greasy, buttery delicious, fat-laden sausage roll from Gregg’s for a pound.  Hmm…tough choice right? I mean c’mon a hungry family is going to purchase their children the sausage roll so that they can have a meal rather than a piece of fruit.

Just as in the United States, you can purchase $1 cheeseburger at McDonald’s OR a head of lettuce. Anyway, check out the movie Food, Inc. for more details, it’s extremely informative and eye-opening.

Back to food choices in Scotland. So, while Mike and I have been in Scotland we’ve been attempting to a. Save money (always Mike’s priority) and b. Make healthy choices!

A tip from me to you if you’re traveling for an extended amount of time and staying in a hotel room, go grocery shopping and purchase items that are non-perishable. The first night here we went to the grocery store and bought: rice cakes, natural peanut butter, honey, organic oats (you can make them with the boiling water they provide in the room), all-natural fruit squeezes (applesauce where I come from), and bananas.

With this plethora of food choices, Mike and I were able to last an entire week for breakfast-and me, for lunch too-without having to purchase anything else, except a daily fruit ration. It’s great to be able to walk around the corner and purchase fruit as needed that won’t spoil.

Also, a favorite here: Nak’d Bars. These amazing little gems feature ONLY fruits and other natural ingredients for example, cocoa. There are no preservatives, and they taste exactly like a chocolate bar….score! In fact, they pack so much fruit into one single bar that it actually counts for 1:5 a day.

My favorite flavor: Cocoa Delight features only: raw dates, raw raisins, raw cashews, and cocoa. The Nak’d team says it best: “Supremely simple all natural, no added sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy free. Just raw fruit and nuts cheerfully smooshed together in Wales.”


Eating Riiiiiight…?

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