Eldoret, Kenya

Pictures and Videos will be posted ASAP as a slow internet connection prohibits us from doing this currently*

Yesterday found us at two separate primary schools in Eldoret, Kenya. The two schools both feature Mary’s Meals feeding programs. 

Racecourse Primary houses around 1400 students while Langeas has over 3000 pupils! Both schools teach students between grades K-8.

While Mike took care of his business endeavors, I ventured about, learned a few words in Swahili and had many small girls (and a few boys) touch my hair in amazement.

My skin was also a point of interest as all children simply wanted to feel the texture of Mike and my white skin (doesn’t feel any different, does it?)

It’s so beautiful to be around young people no matter where you are. They always provide a sense of hope, a vibrancy to life that many of us have long forgotten.

Walking around at break time, the school yards are complete chaos. I enjoy simply watching; some play together, others distance themselves and watch from afar. Some are bashful and quiet, while others flash beaming mischievous smiles while shouting a loud, “HOW ARE YOU!?!” (clearly projected in their mocking American accents, ha!)

Life is beautiful. People are beautiful. And God is a merciful, glorious God! All praise be to Him when it’s raining, all praise be to Him when it’s sunny.  

I pray you find the Lord in every happening in your lives. The seemingly dull lulls, in the roaring whir of quick and sudden change, and all of those beautiful moments between. 

Although Mike and I were, and will be in Nairobi again, we are safe. Our flight for Malawi has been moved up to this weekend. Please pray for those affected by the terrorist attack at Westgate Mall.


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