T.I.A. This is Africa!

We have been in Blantyre for about a week now, and WHEW has it been interesting so far.

As I was praying the other day, God spoke loud and clear to me and said, well Al, I never said it would be EASY! And, it hasn’t been. I’ll be very honest, Mike and I are exhausted…we’re getting irritable with living out of a suitcase and the excitement of being in a new location has worn off. 

As of now, we’ve been traveling, and living out of a suitcase for a month in a half. We want a place of to call our own! We want a kitchen to cook in!  A routine to get used to! We’re crabby! But, as God said, doing his work doesn’t mean that everything will be glamorous…that we’ll be joyously happy 24/7. 

For example, we were without running water for FOUR days. FOUR DAYS! That means, no showers, no flushing toilets, no washing clothes…just to name a few inconveniences. Do I need to paint a more vivid picture…? Yikes…! In fact, I got an infection because of this, and had to go to the hospital. Don’t worry, I’m okay 🙂 

Mike and I continue to pray, daily. We love our rosary and covet the fact that we have God and each other. God has to look down on us and just laugh. I mean, “bad” for us, is nothing compared to how many, many, MANY of the people in this world live. 

We are asking and praying for patience, and to remain humble during this experience. God is good to us all the time, and I know that He will never, ever forsake us; ever! 

The children in the picture are from Kenya, LOOK at how many there are! Over 3,000 kids fed in less than 30 minutes. Feeding God’s children…this makes infections, dirty clothes, and irritability ALL worth it.

Please pray for me as I am beginning looking for jobs! I am currently applying for elementary and nursery jobs; ha! Not sure how this will work out…as I am more of a secondary teacher 🙂 God’s will be done! 



2 thoughts on “T.I.A. This is Africa!

  1. Hey Alex, man do we ever miss you. I will email you too in case u dont get this but i guess i won’t know if u don’t get this huh? Oh well…..

    Give ’em heaven, jan


    • Jan! How are you doing? I’m glad that you’ve found the blog 🙂 I miss you guys too. Trust me, it isn’t easy over here at all. The first week we were without water for four days.

      I had to ask God, why are we facing such conditions if we’re doing YOUR work? His reply, “Well, c’mon girl I never said it would be easy!”

      How’s FCA going?

      We’re on our way to church now…it’s a bit different here in Malawi. It’s very difficult to understand at times, and they very rarely print what we’re learning about so it’s difficult to follow.

      Oh well, PRAISE GOD! How’s your year going?

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