Our Progress

So…we’ve been in Malawi now for a solid week and during this time many things have happened. 

1. We joined a gym! Can you believe it? YES a certified gym, with ellipticals, treadmills, a pool, tennis courts, stationary bikes, and a weight room! The gym is located at the College of Medicine just down the road from the place we’re staying. For $5 a month, you can’t beat it!

2. We went hunting…for houses that is. We’ve been house hunting from the moment we touched down here in Malawi, and have yet to find anything even close to acceptable. We have, however, had many many hilarious situations during this time. For example, our real-estate agent scaling a brick wall and hoping over to open the gate for us. Or, walking into a house that had literally ant hills inside…(I’m not talking about the tiny ant hills back home, I’m talking about MASSIVE mountains of dirt inside the house with thousands and thousands of critters…)

3. I’ve found my Coffee Shop: La Caverna. Praise God, I’ve found an oasis here in Malawi. It may not be what I’m used to, I still love and crave Tazza di Cafe back in Council Bluffs, Iowa…but it’s a start. With a beautiful outdoor space, lattes, and wireless internet; I’m sold!

Many, many other things have happened and God is sure keeping us busy. I am thankful that He is always looking out for our needs. Today, we are going to mass at a smaller church that has a more intimate setting. 

We’ve been blessed to meet a few people that have really taken us under their wing. Gay Russel, a pilot here in the area, has been phenomenal in showing us around, and even lending us a vehicle when needed. 

Last announcement, I am going in for a second meet and greet at the private Catholic high school here in town, Saint Andrews. Please pray for me that a position opens up and that if this is God’s will, I am offered the position. It will be a HUGE transition for me as the school aligns with the UK school systems and not the US. Therefore, there will be a huge learning curve for me. 

OH and I begin playing squash on an all-women’s team on Tuesday; wish me luck! I’ve never played…I told them I’m uncoordinated, but that I have the heart! Ha.


One thought on “Our Progress

  1. Just wanted to say hi. I’ve been reading…Legends by Marie Lu. Sacred Acre The Ed Thomas Story by Mark Tabb The biggest read so far this year (and saddest)
    The Fault in our Stars by John Green. God Bless I’m glad you are so happy!!!

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