I’m Thankful that my God created Beautiful things for me to simply Enjoy.

Sometimes when many things in your life are going, well, what you’d define as “wrong,” or there are many bumps in the road, it’s really easy to forget about all of the things in life that ARE going right. All of the things that we SHOULD be thankful for!

Saturday, at mass, our priest gave a homily that was directed right at Mike and my hearts. As we sat in our individual chairs (the chapel is quite small and houses only 16 people) it was embarrassing to realize how ungrateful we have been while in Blantyre.

I'm Thankful for never knowing what Hunger feels like.

I’m Thankful for never knowing what Hunger feels like.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) unless you’ve moved to a developing country (Malawi is the 7th poorest country in the world) then you can’t imagine the stress of adapting to a different lifestyle.

I consider Mike and myself to be fairly level-headed, easy-going individuals. BUT there is only so much that even we can take. We reached our breaking point in the middle of last week.

Here is where  I would outline one of the hundred things that went unbelievably wrong, but I’m tired of dwelling on that. When I get into a rut like this, I simply HAVE to write out a “I am thankful for…” list!

I always strive for at least 5 items, but typically find that once I start writing down what I’m thankful for…well, I just can’t stop!

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for…Thank you Lord Jesus!

These are my 5 for this morning: 

  1. My Faith!
  2. My Husband; who always serves God before me.
  3. My ability to LOOK for a house!
  4. Viber; if you have someone living abroad you MUST download this free application to be able to communicate with them for FREE! It’s like Skype, only better.
  5. Honey…Yep…I’m not sure I could live without peanut butter OR honey so really that’s two…and you can’t eat those two foods without a spoon so I suppose that’s really 8 things I’m thankful for, oh and screw tops that keep out bugs…see what I mean!?

A State of Thankfulness

2 thoughts on “A State of Thankfulness

    • Thank you! House hunting is still…unsuccessful 😦 BUT we’re optimistic. Are you Canadian then? We’re neighbors, I’m from Iowa; and if you’re from Canada that means you actually know where that is. What are you doing in Blantyre? 🙂

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