Mount Soche

View from the top of Mount Soche.

Any guesses? How many mosquito bites can one girl have on her left foot? I have ten. TEN mosquito bites on my left foot, can you believe it? If I have  ten on my left foot, imagine HOW many mosquito bites I have on my entire body! I also have this theory that mosquitos are drawn more to women than men, as Mike literally has not one bite.

Okay, back to the important stuff, but first I needed to comment on my excessive bug bites that seem to materialize out of nowhere.

Today Mike and I, with the help of our friend Belinda, climbed Mount Soche. Here is where I would like to tell you how heroic I was; how I completed the entire hike without a complaint, but that would be a lie. It was about a 2 hour hike up the mountain at a nearly vertical incline. Luckily, there were a few patches of horizontal ground that we were able to take breathers on.

As I was huffing and puffing and begging to turn around I literally had to pray for God to give me strength, how pathetic is that? BUT it speaks volumes that neither Belinda nor Michael gave up on me. They continued to encourage me up the climb and we finally made it. The sights were beautiful from atop the summit and it was very peaceful to see Blantyre in a new way.

While we were walking up the mountainside we noticed many individuals or very small groups huddled around large boulders whispering quietly. Belinda, who lives near the mountain and is more familiar with the area informed us that these people were praying. What a great idea! What a peaceful and serene area to abandon yourself to God.

This insight goes hand-in-hand with what our priest was talking to us about on Saturday night. Praying is a relationship with God; a relationship like any other relationship. If you spend time with Him, seek Him, and pursue Him, your relationship grows stronger.

So, our challenge as Christians is, how much time do we purposefully set aside to be with God? To spend time with Him? To tell Him how much we care about Him, how we appreciate what He does for us? How we are hurting and need His mercy?

Tomorrow I begin highlighting the Mary’s Meals volunteers from Iowa (just a handful mind you, Iowa LOVES Mary’s Meals). Also, stay tuned for: The Power of a Smile.


How many mosquito bites are on my left foot?

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