Introducing, Charlie Miller (she’s a female)! She may not look like it yet, but she’s going to be Mike and my guard dog. We adopted her a couple of weeks ago when we were feeling that we needed to add something to make our family complete; yep, she did the trick 🙂

Although she’s only 9 weeks old, Charlie already knows how to: Sit, Lay Down, Fetch, and Shake. Going to the bathroom outside? Unfortunately, not so much, but hey! Give her a break, we’re working on that.

One of Charlie’s favorite things to do is catch cockroaches. This automatically makes her Mike’s best friend as he absolutely HATES cockroaches. I, on the other hand, could careless. Tonight we went outside with our flashlight and watched the cockroaches scatter as Charlie hunted them down and ate them.

Mike and I bought Charlie from what would be considered a puppy mill in the United States. Meaning that the dogs were kept in filthy conditions in tiny crates and unfortunately, Charlie was covered in fleas and pretty skinny when we first got her.

In fact, we almost didn’t adopt her because she was so out of it! Thankfully, Mike talked me into this little beauty and she’s really grown into a sweetheart of a dog. She’s very loyal and loves being a family.

Although we will be keeping her as an outdoor dog, currently, we have her in a small alcove off the house because she’s so small she can get through the fence. BUT she is always somehow finding her way into the house because she can’t stand not being a part of the action.

Thank the good Lord for dogs! I think we can both say that we are in love with our new member of the family.


Charlie Miller aka Cockroach Killer!

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