The walls are so Thin I can hear my neighbors Sneeze aka “The Thin Sneeze” (If you read only the Capitalized words!)

Okay, now before you say, “But Alex, ‘I’ is also capitalized yet was excluded from the aka portion of your post” I offer you this as explanation: I don’t take kindly to mandatory English rules, I mean the I is SO important that it ALWAYS has to be capitalized, no exceptions? Touché you narcissistic letter, but I will exclude you from acknowledgement in my title.

Moving onto more important issues, my post will have absolutely nothing to do with sneezing, thin walls, nor will I spend any more time on the narcissist. What I’m actually going to talk about is my husband, Mike. Aww….say it with me, “Aww!”


The Hubs aka “MJ,” “Milly,” or “Michael.”

Why DO people always say “aww” when you’re speaking about your spouse? I think it’s because everyone is secretly trying to a. either find authentic love or b. they know what it means to love and be loved in return.

ANYWAY, this post stems from a status I recently saw on Facebook claiming, “My husband is the BEST husband!” Huh? No he’s not, MY husband is the best husband! Okay, that was my initial reaction. I really had to hold back from replying with something like, “Oh yeah? Prove it! My husband is better than your husband any day!”

After my initial reaction to heroically defend my husband verbally via the Internet I thought about my friend’s statement a bit more. How beautiful is it that she has found someone that makes her so happy? Someone that she feels confident enough to proclaim for everyone to see, “HE’S THE BEST!”

I’m a bit emotional, so give me a break, but the more I thought about her status, the more I thought about God and how He provides each and every one of us with exactly what we need (it was at this point that I began sobbing thinking about how blessed I am to have Mike). My friend’s husband definitely wouldn’t be the right person for me, and Mike definitely wouldn’t be the husband for her. We’re all lacking in different areas and how fantastic is it that God is able to identify those shortfalls and give us a partner that provides us with strengths in our areas of weakness.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s easy to look at other people’s lives to see their “perfect” families, their “perfect” husbands…but, the truth of the matter is we are all sinners and we all fall short of the glory of God. We all need to be lifted up in areas and we all have weaknesses.

Your spouse was put in your path for a specific reason. You chose to marry that person and make a life-long commitment to love them unconditionally come hell or high water! Mike may never spend hundreds of dollars a year buying me flowers, but that isn’t the type of person he is. Instead, he wakes up early every day so that we can pray the rosary as a family and motivates me to walk every morning.

I don’t compare Mike to other people’s husbands. It isn’t fair to him or me and I know that I married him for everything that he IS not everything that he is NOT. If you ever look around and think that everyone else has it better than you when it comes to marriage, they don’t. Take a step back and identify the reasons WHY you married your spouse, WHY you love them and try not to focus on the, “but he doesn’t do this!”

Also, a last comment, always be your husbands biggest fan. I would defend my husband to anyone all day every day, no matter what they say about him. I love him because of his flaws! I may not have the most experience in the marriage field (almost 4 months!) BUT I learned this in an eye-opening Bible study while I was dating Mike, “Always be your husbands cheerleader” you’d be surprised that it does wonders! No one likes to be torn down.”

Now, to give my husband credit where credit’s due, he DID plan our honeymoon ALL by himself and surprise me with a trip to Puerto Rico! “Awwwww!”

My husband's the BEST husband....for me :)

My husband’s the BEST husband….for me 🙂


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