Do you know why Catholics typically display the crucifix rather than a bare cross? It’s because various civilizations, most famously, the Romans readily used crucifixion as a form of punishment. Thousands and thousands of everyday people were executed on a cross in this manner.

Therefore, in order to set Christ apart from everyone else that was crucified, rather than displaying a bare cross (which could have held anyone) Christ is depicted on the cross. Some Christians might argue that Christ is risen; therefore, why would we still show Him on the cross, He isn’t there?

Yes, Catholics believe this as well. But, as I stated above, the reason for the depiction of the corpus on the cross is a reminder that Jesus is Lord and is set apart from others that were crucified.

I love that the Catholic faith is so rich and I appreciate that I can continue to learn more and more about my faith. If you’re interested in learning more about Catholicism I HIGHLY suggest the following two books:

Why is That in Tradition? by Patrick Madrid

Where is That in the Bible? by Patrick Madrid


He is Risen, Indeed!

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