Little Acts of Love

Are you in?

So, you’ve heard me rant and rave about just how amazing Mary’s Meals is. Well, now it’s time for you to do YOUR part. What’s your little act of love that you feel called upon to perform to help the children, adults, and families of Mary’s Meals?

**Complete tangent…but, a thought that seems appropriate to vocalize at this time… Mary’s Meals is truly more than just a feeding program. Consider all the people that the organization is helping simply by operating? Just think, the more money sent in, the more kids fed, the GREATER need for jobs locally! Which means, not only are you feeding the wee ones, you’re also helping their families and communities by providing jobs on the other side of the world! What could be more beautiful?

Anyway, so you want to help but you’re not quite sure where to begin. Well, allow me to introduce some baby steps for you.

1. Buy a T-Shirt:

Check out these beauties! Mary’s Meals t-shirts in all the colors, shapes and sizes you could ever want. They have short-sleeved, they have long-sleeved, purples, greens, and blues!

Mary's Meals Shirt

What’s the best part? Each shirt purchased feeds a child for an ENTIRE year! What’s that, you can buy a really great shirt and feed kids too? It’s true, and who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? These shirts fulfill two purposes for Mary’s Meals. 1. You feed a child, duh. 2. You are a walking billboard for Mary’s Meals, someone is bound to ask you about your t-shirt and then you’re entered into a conversation about the greatest organization in existence! Viola, it’s that easy!

Contact Ellen Miller @ if you’re interested in purchasing a shirt, or 10. Think Christmas, birthdays, what better gift than to give someone the gift of knowing that they fed a child for a year?

2. Become a Mary’s Meals Social Media Ambassador:

The title is so appealing you can even add it to your work resume-ha! Okay, so what does this fancy title mean? It means that you’re following Mary’s Meals on Twitter and on Facebook. You’re reposting the content that they post and you’re sharing their information with your friends.

Word-of-mouth has worked brilliantly for Mary’s Meals.

Currently, Mary’s Meals’ Facebook page is all abuzz with the newest video promotion: Saving Grace. Check out the video, then submit a picture onto the Mary’s Meals Facebook page with a creative way of saying “I’m in!” Are you willing to help the next hungry child?

3. Choose to be a “Regular”

What I mean is, choose to donate monthly to Mary’s Meals. It’s really easy to set up and then you don’t have to worry about manually donating every month. (Which you can set up here!) Also good to know, Mary’s Meals spends $0.93 of every $1 on feeding kids!

I also find that if you’re anything like me I always worried about not having enough money every month so I’d psych myself out of donating as much as I should have been (to church, Mary’s Meals, whatever).

Anyway, after I committed to donating monthly it became much easier, as I didn’t have to remember, and the money that I was worried I wouldn’t have was always there in abundance, God always takes care of those that follow where He leads.

It’s important to come up with an amount that feels comfortable to you. What can you comfortably contribute every month that you’d feel okay about? I mean, you don’t want to be stressed out about your contribution!

Think about just how affordable it is to feed someone for an entire year. What would you have to “sacrifice” in order to feed a child? For example, I gave up two lattes a week in order to feed one child a week. Yep, I know, it was a huge sacrifice on my part, and halfway around the world children were benefiting from me not drinking coffee! On that note, (obviously a huge generalization, but…) I think that it’s only possible in America to consider giving up lattes a sacrifice, embarrassing!

So choose something, ANYTHING small or BIG and get involved! We truly can end world hunger one individual at a time.


Little Acts of Love

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