Keep Calm and Have Fun


So, I’ve been away from the computer for awhile. To be honest, the internet here is probably the worst I’ve ever experienced…it’s even worse than Liberia’s internet. I’m unable to upload videos, or Skype with family and even posting a blog uses up about all of our internet for the month. If being able to avoid technology wasn’t so refreshing, it might be frustrating.

In other news, Mike and I have been incredibly busy. I’m working full-time, am in my third trimester, and then come home to make dinner at night, walk, and do yoga and before you know it it’s time to go to sleep…whew! Who knew simply “living life” could be so exhausting? I really am blessed that I have  a job I care about and enjoy being at otherwise I don’t think that I could make it.

In terms of next year, I’m not sure what my job situation will look like. Unfortunately, there are no positions open in the areas that I teach at Saints, but I’m seeing that as a God-message meaning that maybe I’m not supposed to go to work full-time and something will open up part-time. I will be applying at another local International High School in Limbe (the town next to Blantyre where Mary’s Meals offices are located) but they’re looking for a male.

In other words, I’m letting God take the wheel and guide me in whatever direction He sees fit. My only prayer is that the direction He is wanting for me is CRYSTAL clear…I’m not the best at discernment.

Let’s see, the only real bizarre thing that has happened to us in the last month (since I’ve posted) is that our ceiling caved in in the middle of the night due to water damage. Other than this, we’ve had a pretty calm time here, our water has stayed on and our electricity hasn’t been off since we got back in Christmas! Malawi is a really comfortable place to live in other words.

Baby Miller is doing well and is a whopping 2.5 pounds. I feel that we’ve been having a pretty “textbook” pregnancy. When the doctors tell us our baby should be ______ pounds, it is and when they say the baby should be around _______ long, it is. I’m thankful for how well this pregnancy is going.

We finished our prenatal classes with the most amazing woman named Demelza Benbow (my boss’s wife) and she has really opened our eyes to a bunch of information about birthing babies and what to expect. Mike and I absolutely love her, she’s VERY blunt speaking and always tells you like it is. I think we both appreciate her honesty and how much she advocates for women’s freedom of choice during a delivery.

And last, I’ve started attending the high school’s student led Bible study and it’s incredible! It’s completely student led and I was the only teacher there. A group of about 70 students showed up just to love on God’s word and pray for each other. I am really excited to be able to get “back into the groove” with helping students foster their love for Christ.

Okay, ONE more thing; Mike and I started a prayer book for our baby and we write in it periodically–taking turns. We plan on giving the book to our baby once they reach a certain age so that they can see the things we’ve prayed for them all along. This might sound a little crazy, but having a parent die early, I know how important it is for a child to look back on the prayers that their parents prayed for them (my Dad wrote me a long prayer note). As a prayer never “disappears” this is one of the most beautiful gifts I think you can give someone and it’s neat to look back and reflect on where you’ve been as a couple. Something to chew on!


Keep Calm and Have Fun

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Have Fun

    • It meant a lot to me that my dad had written some down for me and my midwife encourages us to write a journal…I thought that a prayer journal as obviously more effective 😉

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