Baby Miller is Growing

Our faithful guard, Dave gets the credit for taking this picture for us. Dave is such a wonderful man and helps around the house all the time (well, I should specify, yard-ha!). He really loves Charlie and tolerates her jumping up on him and growling at him every chance she gets (she’s SUPER protective).

Anyway, Mike and I are in our routine here in Blantyre. I’m working 5 days a week to various hours and Mike is saving Mary’s Meals money one day at time. It’s exciting that we’ve found our groove and it will be interesting to see how God changes our current creatures-of-habit status we’ve begun. You see, next year I don’t have a teaching job at Saint Andrew’s…there weren’t any positions available so we’re not sure what next year will look like.

Of course it’s a bit unsettling not to know what the future will look like, but isn’t that life? I feel like whenever I attempt to plan my life out God always throws me a curveball anyway. I think it’s just best to remember that God is our Father and only wants what’s best for us. If we don’t get what we thought we wanted or needed, it just means He has something much better waiting for us if we only trust in Him.

I started a Mary’s Meals extra-curricular at Saint Andrew’s (which, if I haven’t mentioned before, is the most prestigious high school in Malawi and one of the most prestigious in all of Africa. The kids here come from some of the richest families I will ever meet in my life) over 40 kids signed up! I actually had to cut off the list because there simply were too many kids and too little me.

This group will run through term 3 and will focus on local awareness, volunteering, and fundraising. I’ll also be bringing in guest speakers (poor Mike) to speak to the kids about options they have for pursuing careers within Malawi that will benefit their country. Malawi is unique (or not, depends on where you’re comparing it to) in the fact that many people who obtain their college degree are simply too qualified for the majority of positions around here. This means that many of the educated Malawians leave and go elsewhere to pursue jobs.

Almost all of my students will either a. work for a family business and not pursue a college degree, b. move to the UK, or c. move to South Africa and look for a job where they can earn a living. It’s not just that these people are “over qualified” but the salaries are not sufficient enough for them to make a living.

This is leaving Malawi in an extremely desperate state as I mentioned before, the majority of educated people are leaving the country as soon as they’re able. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through the research I’ve done it’s that education is the key for countries digging themselves out of poverty. However, if all of the educated individuals are leaving the society where does this leave Malawi?

In baby news, only about 10 more weeks left until we can meet Baby Miller! Mike and I are both super excited to see if we’ll be having a boy or girl and to experience their personalty for the first time. We will be birthing the baby at Mwaiwathu Hospital in the Mphatso Ward aka the “gift” ward because babies are a gift 🙂

If we’re lucky enough I’ll be able to birth in a private room however they are first come, first served. Meaning, if they’re both full then I’ll be birthing the baby in a room full of three other women (potentially)! I’m hoping that my saving grace will be the fact that because I’ll stick out so much (everyone will want to gawk at the white woman squatting on her yoga mat) that perhaps I’ll make such a spectacle they’ll HAVE to move me to a different room. That’s my game plan anyway-whatever happens we’ve been praying for a healthy and productive birth where both baby and me are doing a-okay.

Mike and I are also counting down the days until we get to go home and visit our families…can you believe it, we’ve almost been here for 9 months!

May God bless you and keep you. Thank you for checking in on our different legs of the journey. Some days are easier than others, but it’s always fulfilling knowing that we have given God our yes and continue to pray for thankful hearts on a daily basis.


Baby Miller is Growing

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