Holy Trinity Flowers

Yes, those are flowers in an old vanilla bottle and yet, it works doesn’t it? One of the biggest take aways of living in a developing country is realizing what’s important and what’s not. It’s sometimes difficult, especially as an American who seemingly has everything at their disposal to do things like put flowers into a container that is not labeled a “flower vase.”

It may be my OCD side kicking in “Erm…you can’t put flowers in something not intended FOR flowers!” Or it might just be the fact that the media pumps into our brains that we NEED certain items for certain things. Either way, an old vanilla container is obviously an acceptable vase and even, if I may say so, hinges on the “shabby chic” trend now featured all across America. (Though maybe I should soak off the label?).

Moving on, this morning Charlie and I went for a walk and we managed to come back in one piece. She’s been into this: I’m going to try to pull your arm off if I can phase. However, I let her sniff where she wanted to sniff and we took our time and managed to be okay and dare I say even enjoy ourselves? I’m trying to walk with her more (usually Mike holds her leash as I have a hard enough time trying to breathe and walk currently) and I want to prep her for baby’s arrival. She’s REALLY going to have to learn not to pull when we go on walks with the stroller…we have a rough life, don’t we?

Anyway, Easter’s this weekend and Mike and I are heading up to Lake Malawi for four whole days! We’re taking this time to enjoy being a couple as soon we’ll be three’s company! This will be the first time we’ve gone up to the lake (which looks more like the ocean) and we’re staying at a place called Tuckaways that donates their proceeds to helping people learn trades to support themselves.

Many people have asked us what church entails here. I am happy to report that Mike and I have found the MOST adorable chapel. By “adorable” I mean fulfilling, gratifying, homilies and Christ-like people to worship with. It’s a very small chapel that holds at max 15 people and we celebrate mass just like we would at home. I love that fact about the Catholic church, no matter where you are in the world, it’s universal. Our church is called Newland’s and is located within a senior citizen center surrounded by beautiful gardens, it’s such a relaxing place for us and we always leave feeling full.

Mike and I have also been reading a lot of Christian books. Currently, I just finished The Rosary by Immacule. It’s a book about, well, if you made an inference and said the rosary you would be correct. Immacule has a fantastic story as she is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide that took place in 1994. If you haven’t read her books, I highly recommend them.

Reading this book reminded me of the promises that Mary outlines for us if we simply pray the rosary. If you’re not familiar with these check them out here: there are 15! These promises are so beautiful and remind us as Christians just how important and rewarding praying the rosary truly can be.

If you are new to the rosary, have never heard of it, or don’t know where to start, check this site out: Come Pray the Rosary. I LOVE this site because it reminds us, again, that as Catholics we are united with others all throughout the world at any given moment. Come Pray the Rosary shows you how many people are praying with you at the same time and the site does an audio reading of the mysteries with you.

I hope that wherever you are that you’re spending time with the ones you love this Easter and reflecting on just how great our God is.

Stay tuned for some exciting Mary’s Meals videos that I’m putting together this week 🙂



Holy Trinity Flowers

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