David Michael Miller

3 Day Old DavidWelcome to the world, David Michael Miller! I can’t believe it but my baby is already a week old. I know, it sounds crazy…”you mean he’s only seven days?” But seriously, I’ve never been so in love in my life!

I still can’t sleep at night because all I do is stare at him. And yes, I am well aware how creepy that sounds. However, he’s such a blessing and a miracle! I still can’t believe that Mike and I made him and that he came out of my body. That God gave us a tiny person that breathes and blinks and cuddles and coos. How are we worthy of such a gift?

David was born on July 11 at 12:15pm. He weighed 8.2 pounds and he was….well….okay, Mike got so distracted with David after having just been born that he can’t remember how long he was! (In the scheme of things does it even matter?). Thank God my birth went exactly as God had planned (see, I would say as we, Mike and I, had planned except it didn’t…it was even better!)

We ended up having a natural birth and I was able to squat for the entire thing (TMI?) The experience left me feeling empowered and able. Mike and I had utilized a midwife, Demelza, and two very Christian doulas, Merin and Hannah who prayed over me the entire time I was laboring…not to mention Mike reciting Hail Marys with every contraction.

It’s funny, I had no idea what to expect as this is my first baby so when my water broke at 3am–thank God I wasn’t at school as in three short hours I would have been–I thought I was in for a long 24 hours and I was mentally preparing myself for the process as I had been for the 9 months I was carrying David. Mike was so nervous that he couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke up him at 3am and was riding his bike until work!

I focused all of my attention on prayer and my breathing as I coped with the pain. Initially, there were no contractions and after your waters break it can be up to 48 hours before the baby comes; so, at 6:15am Mike and I decided that he should go to work and I would stay at home. Thank God I had done a bunch of yoga before the birth and one phrase became my mantra during this time: “Embrace every contraction, do not fight your body and realize that every contraction is bringing your baby closer to you.”

So, as the contractions started rolling in…and I do mean rolling…I went from nothing to a contraction every 3 minutes…I continued to tell myself: “One step closer to our baby!” After about an hour of contractions I called Mike to tell him that my contractions were only 3 minutes apart. We both thought I was crazy, as Mike had just gotten to work and we thought that there was no way they could be that close together. After all, you’re supposed to get to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart.
But, God had started to whisper, “Alex, Mike needs to come home now!” So, I insisted he come back (poor guy) and that we go to the hospital.

We arrived at Mwaiwathu Hosptial at 10:15am. As soon as we got to the ward I had the strong urge to push. The poor nurse rushed me into one of the rooms and did a checkup on me. As I reassured her it’s not necessary, the baby’s coming! I think this may have been one of two times that Mike may have come close to fainting ha!

In between contractions I had to switch beds (this was very amusing…ouch!) and the nurse agreed, you’re ready to push….duh! We were taken to the laboring room where I gripped my rosary and Mike encouraged me to: “Do what your body is telling you to do.” After about an hour and a half…viola! Nothing to it…David Michael was born 🙂

It was such an incredible and spiritual experience. One that brought me closer to my husband and to God. Mike was able to fulfill his role and eagerly called out David’s sex and Mike then preceded to be the first person to hold him.
The staff at the hospital; the doctor and the nurses were all so wonderful and compassionate! They encouraged me and nursed me throughout the process and took great care of us while we were in the hospital.

Everything went so well that Mike, David and I left the hospital the next morning.

I tell you this story because throughout the plot there is one consistency. Reliance on God. Mike and I were completely out of our element, had no idea what to expect, and were unsure what this whole process would look like. But, throughout our time we simply stayed focused on God and believed in the power of prayer.

As I mentioned before, Mike and I had both wanted my birth to be as natural as possible with the least amount of interventions. We had packed my yoga mat, candles, incense, oils, hot water bottles, TENs machine, you name it! What’s so hysterical is that our “plan” never came together at all. God’s plan was more perfect! David came so fast that we didn’t have time to set everything up or play my soothing meditation music while I bounced on my birth ball.

I am so thankful and so blessed that God listens to the cries of his children and thwarts our plans in order to give us bigger and better things.


4 thoughts on “David Michael Miller

  1. We are so excited to have another family member. Thanks for sharing your journey! Having God #1 is the best theme ever 🙂

  2. He is a beautiful gift from God. So happy to hear everything went smoothly. God is ‘oh so good! I love the name and can’t wait to meet him in person. Love and hugs – Kay

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