Me and Baby

I might not look the most attractive at 6 in the morning with little to no sleep, but doesn’t my son look bright-eyed? David is 12 days old and has been staying awake a bit more during the day and even more exciting, has been opening his eyes more frequently!He is such a little doll and although sometimes I struggle with his inability to sleep at night (exhaustion has struck the Miller household) it’s such a blessing to be able to call David mine.

Yesterday Mike and I took David out on his first real outing; I don’t count the grocery stores as outings. We went to a cafe in town called Afro Lounge and I had a latte while Mike ordered a banana smoothie. David was so excited that he slept the entire time leaving Mom and Dad the time to have a mini-date day.

Enough about our weekend, onto the meat of this post. Many people have asked us why we chose the name David. This wasn’t a decision that Mike and I took lightly. Many people name their child something because it “sounds” nice, or it is popular. While there is nothing wrong with this, Mike and I had decided early on that we wanted our children to have meaningful names.

Not only this, but we wanted names that were associated with strong Saints. It is our prayer that our babies (plural-God willing)  emulate these individuals, seek their guidance, and follow in their footsteps (in their faith not their human faults-ha!).

This being said, can you guess who we named David after?…..If you answered “King David” then you are correct! King David was a “man after God’s own heart” and it was for this exact reason that we knew David was the perfect name for our son. What better name to have than one meaning you are close to God?

Mike and I both pray constantly over David. We pray for his happiness, for God’s protection, for his heart to be guarded, but most importantly we pray that in all of his thoughts, words, and actions he is able to seek God and to radiate Christ’s light and love throughout this world.

It is with these hopeful expectations that we chose David Michael for our son’s name. After all, you can never start out too early in your faith. By naming our son David it is a constant reminder for him and for us that he should aspire to be: “a man after God’s own heart.”


What’s in a Name?

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