Why the Miller's enjoy Malawi

As promised, here is the other side of living in Malawi. While I’ve already identified some of the difficulties, there are many reasons why living in Malawi is fabulous and Mike and I really enjoy our time here.

Just like my previous two posts I’ll break this down into two days worth of content. No one wants to be overloaded with TOO much at once!

Number 10: Isolation–This may sound like a contradiction and in some ways it is, but Mike and I are both very much homebodies. In this way, we enjoy living in Blantyre because it provides us with ample and exclusive family time. We love sitting around on Sunday afternoons, grilling out, and enjoying our back porch.

When you’re back home it always seems like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. You have a volunteer or work obligation, your friends and family want time with you, and you can wear yourself thin. Here, we have uninterrupted time with just each other and David; pure bliss!

Number 9: Sunshine– Blantyre is a fairly temperate country where it rarely gets disgustingly hot (though it does on occasion and October is actually deemed ‘suicide month’ because of the extreme heat). Almost every day, including during the “rainy” season, the sun is out shining. This makes for plenty of time that we are able to enjoy the outdoors; whether it be: swimming, walking, or hiking.

Number 8: Newlands– Mike and I have been beyond bless to discover (through the help of our friend Gay) a beautiful, tiny chapel located within a senior center called Newlands.

Newlands is attended by a handful of nuns and around 15 people on Saturday nights starting at 5:00pm. Mike and I absolutely adore this chapel and we always look forward to celebrating mass there.

Number 7: The Internet–Recently, Mike caved and decided that we could buy the internet. We are now the proud owners of Skyband internet for an entire year-yahoo! While the internet speed and connection is nowhere NEAR as good as it would be in The States, it’s such a blessing to be able to have it.

Now, weekly, Mike and I Skype our families so that they can see David. It’s incredible that even though we are a world apart that the technology is here so that we can see each other.

Number 6: Our House–Is our castle and our home“; seriously. I LOVE our house! It’s beautiful, spacious, and our haven in the middle of chaos. It’s not like anything you’d picture when you hear the words, “I live in Africa.”

Go on…enlighten me…describe our house; what do you think it looks like? Where is it located?

If you’re thinking of anything other than a three bedroom house, with two bathrooms, a large fenced-in yard, with a fireplace, and gorgeous wooden floors, and a view overlooking the mountains, you’re wrong, sorry. Not what you expected?

Actually…us either; we were pleasantly surprised when we got to Blantyre and found the housing to be drastically different than Liberia.

Number 5: The Market– Unimaginably cheap, fresh produce; what more could you want? No matter what you’re looking for…clothes, a bag, sunglasses, food, the market’s going to have it.

The Blantyre Market is located just off the middle of town and consists of hundreds of shops. When Mike and I first arrived here we’d walk from Mount Pleasant (now we live WAY too far away to walk) and go exploring.

Doesn’t a week go by that we don’t go to the market and gather our produce for the week. Although a very chaotic, hectic environment (I’d usually stay in the car when I was über pregnant and Mike would run in) you never know what you’re going to find here. For example, Mike once bought a bow and arrows…HA!

To be continued…







Living in Malawi: What we Love

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