Praying your Spouse to Heaven (even if you don’t have one yet!)

Pray Your Spouse to Heaven

You can never begin praying for your spouse too soon, nor is it ever to late to begin praying for your partner. Whatever stage you’re at in your life, it’s important to begin praying for your spouse, current or future.

The problem is, sometimes praying is difficult. You’re not sure where to begin, what to say, and it feels awkward and almost forced. I mean, if you’re not enjoying it and not praying from your heart then why do it, right?

Hmm…I don’t have all the answers, but I do know this: If you’ve never done something before, or you don’t do it very often it feels awkward. This is true in all aspects of life. Haven’t ridden a bicycle in awhile, ride around the block and tell me how it feels. Or, call up your sister who you haven’t said I love you to in awhile; awkward? Probably. But that doesn’t mean with consistent practice you won’t get better. Research says that “professionals” in any aspect have dedicated a minimum of 10,000 practice hours into their area of expertise. 

So, where to begin? Well, you could…

1. Thank God—Tell God thank you for all of the things you appreciate in your spouse. What is your spouse doing well? Maybe you’re thankful that they make you dinner every night or rub your feet when you’re tired. Personally, I think God is “thirsty” for our thank yous and enjoys hearing how grateful we are for what he has given us.

2. Ask for Help—You aren’t alone. God is our father, he wants to hear what you’re struggling with. If there’s something in your spouse that you’re struggling to accept; pray about it and offer it up to God. I once took a Bible study that encouraged us to pray about our partner’s inadequacies and let God work in his time rather than nit-pick our spouse; wise words.

3. Be Timely—Not sure where to start? What about with today? What happened that you want to pray about in relation to your spouse? Are they up for a big promotion? Maybe they were super cranky when they got home and you want to encompass them with the Holy Spirit’s peace.

4. Ask your Spouse—It never hurts to ask your spouse what they would like you to be praying for. In this way your spouse is encouraged too by knowing that you’re thinking about them and praying for their intentions.

5. Turn to Scripture—Often when I am at a lack of what to pray for I turn to the Bible, it’s full of God’s promises for us and guidelines for becoming a better Christian. The site Revive Our Hearts has a neat 31 day prayer journey that you can actually print and put up on your fridge. Unfortunately, most things you’ll find will be wives praying for their husbands; but in most cases you can interchange the terms.

My marriage is nowhere near perfect and although I try my best to pray over my family and Mike daily it doesn’t mean that I ALWAYS do it. There’s always room for improvement!


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