We’re Baaaack!

I haven’t written for awhile because, well, we’ve been enjoying our time in The States! 

We surprised my family by telling them we wouldn’t be coming home until August 1st; so when I showed up at my sister’s graduation party, everyone was speechless…literally! That is until they started crying 🙂 

Mike has a reputation for surprising his family in unique ways when he comes home so it was nice to be able to see the expression on the face’s of my family members when I surprised them (now I see why he gets such a kick out of it). 

Anyway, Mike and I are usually asked how long it takes us to get back. Well, let me tell you, it’s not a straight shot. We take four flights (if not five…sometimes we have layovers where we don’t actually exit the plane) and end up flying a little over twenty hours! 

I will admit that I never look forward to the trip home but it’s always worth the anticipation of coming back to see the people and the state that we love. Mike and I get so excited about coming home that it’s common for us to be unable to sleep the night before our trip back. 

Oh, I forgot to add that the 20 hours of flying doesn’t include the day trip we take up to Lilongwe, which takes us about four hours of traveling straight north. This may not sound like a big deal, but the traffic and road conditions make the trip uncomfortable…especially with a newborn.

The silver lining to this 20+ hour adventure (to put it mildly) was that David was THE best baby that I’ve ever encountered! He gladly slept most of the way if we were holding him and everyone on the flights was super accommodating.

Fortunately, we always secured the bassinet seats which meant we had tons of extra leg room and were able to move about more freely. Although David refused to sleep in the bassinet, it did give us the chance to access the bathroom for changings and manipulate our bodies into a variety of yoga poses in order to support him while he was sleeping 🙂 

I must admit that the looks of people’s faces when I told them we were traveling with a 5 week old baby were priceless and Mike overheard a couple saying, “I would NEVER travel with a newborn!” While Mike was slightly offended, I took it as a compliment.

Although I am undoubtedly biased…I know in my heart that things go well for us because we place our faith in God. Traveling with David gave me the chance, on multiple occasions, to sing God’s praises. “Your baby is SO well behaved!” ‘Thanks, I prayed about it a lot.’ These little opportunities to plant seeds in people’s hearts was fulfilling to me.

In the end, I’m not sure how we managed it…well, yes I do, prayer (and I gave up sweets in petition for stress-free travel!) but Mike and I managed to get David home without fighting. Although we did practice the…I’ll be standing over here not talking to you for awhile until we’ve both cooled off AND the don’t offer me an $8 latte if you refuse to spend the $8 scuffle; we arrived in America with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

Praise God for the small (though I would argue this was fairly large) blessings!


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