David Michael: 2 Months

2 MonthsBlog

David has surpassed the 2 month mark! And if you’re math-orientated and keep track of numbers (not me) then you’ve probably realized that in fact David is not only 2 months old but almost 3 months.

David turned 2 months in the midst of Mike’s and my trip back to the United States so the blog was the last thing on my mind. However, I did take lots of pictures while we were back and I did document things David liked in my “One Line a Day” journal that my Aunt Heather gave me when we left for Africa. 

Anyway, it seems as though each month goes by quicker than the one before it; as most parents already know, and I am currently learning. It’s such a deep joy and blessing to witness David changing daily and what makes this month even more fun is that he’s beginning to smile…though I’m not sure how purposefully yet.

He’s also enjoying a lot more tummy time and beginning to be able to hold his head up for longer and longer. 

In more exciting news, David was able to experience THE MOST IMPORTANT day of his LIFE! Can you guess what that would be? If you guessed his baptism then you’re correct. On Sunday, August 17th Baby David was baptized by his great great Uncle Father David (the same person who married Mike and me AND my parents). 

Such a beautiful experience, my uncle traveled more than 8 hours…picking up his mom, David’s great great grandma…along the way. We were able to celebrate with most of our family and as the Holy Spirit touched my heart, I did a lot of crying…! So thankful to be a child of God 🙂




4 thoughts on “David Michael: 2 Months

  1. I was talking about you yesterday. Are your ears burning? I’m book talking for the new English teacher (Amanda Keller-she was at the Middle School). I told her how you love books…..I can’t go in her room this year because I am in the library with NO associate! Teachers are coming to the library and they are checking books out while I book talk. Just wanted to say hi and tell you that your son is adorable as you already know. Take care.
    I won’t ask if you have been reading! Enjoy! When I have more time, I’ll send you a list of books I’ve been reading and you can add it to your wish list. Sherrie

    • Sherrie, I always reference you when I talk to my students about new books! What are the kids in the States reading these days? I’m looking specifically for realistic fiction for boys. I just finished Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (she’s very popular in the UK). I didn’t enjoy the book as much as most; maybe that’s what I get for being an English teacher and critically analyzing things a bit too much!

  2. Didn’t know you had a blog…excited to find this so I can see pictures of my great nephew:-) Since Mike, Ann, and Elana don’t have facebook it’s hard for me to stay caught up with their lives. I’m so excited to follow you and will share info from here with my mom, David’s great grandma Pat:-)
    Nancy Miller (Kevin’s sister)

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