Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Life

Life seems to be moving faster than I have ever known it to go.


My darling (have to get the mushy terms of endearments in while I can…too soon I fear he’ll be saying ‘Aw, Mom! C’mon!’) David Michael is almost nine months old and is changing daily.

As I type, he’s sleeping in his pack-and-play after having just rocked him–He’s so precious! I lovingly refer to him as my “Blonde Bomber” just as my Great Grandpa Les Wilkening referred to me when I was young.

It has been a quiet morning, Mike, David, Charlie and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and blazed a new trail as our go-to route has been washed out by the rain. Although it hasn’t been raining much as of late, the floods in Malawi are continuing to affect the country.

Many people are still displaced from their homes, roads have been washed out and many of the crops around the area are gone which means a lack of food in the future.

Please pray for the country of Malawi as they endure this difficult time.


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