Newlands’ Chapel: Our Heaven on Earth


Here’s our little slice of Heaven. Our constant in the face of daily inconsistencies.

What may look like a shabby shed-like structure is the most beautiful, serene place Mike and I have found in Malawi. It’s a place we come to worship God among others who are passionately in love with him.

The picture is deceiving, the actual chapel is on the left in a small, intimate space. Every Saturday night we leave our house at 4:15pm, listen to the top 20 countdown from the US on the car ride and arrive just in time for mass at 5pm.

Then, it’s time to find our seats. Where we used to sit in the very front seats (seats is generous term, they’re pop-out mini-stools that are backless and my bum barely fits on them ha!) we now find ourselves choosing the back seats closest to the door in case a quick mass-and-dash is needed with David who is ALWAYS on the move.

Thank God we’ve known our fellow parishioners for almost two years now and they’ve watched me go through the whole pregnancy process and now are in love with David and VERY patient. David loves to yodel while we’re singing and if it weren’t so cute, it MAY be seen as obnoxious.

The best part of going to mass at Newlands is the intimacy. The place is always packed, there’s not a seat in the whole chapel that isn’t occupied. Every Saturday, without fail, we have to bring out whatever seats we can find around the building and fill the aisles, people sit on the floor, and you better be comfortable with touching your neighbor because there’s barely space to breath.

The Holy Spirit is evidently on fire in this place. It’s a beautiful sight when you look around and everyone is on their knees praising our Lord and Savior. Everyone coming together in one simple act: to love on our God and that, is a magnificent thing.

Sister Regina and David–Sister was one of first people to meet David as we went to mass two days after I gave birth. What better way to praise God for the blessing of a healthy baby?

4 thoughts on “Newlands’ Chapel: Our Heaven on Earth

  1. Awesome update. So happy for you to find such a neat place to worship. Thanks for the update. So fun to stay connected

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