Family Tradition

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in awhile, you might miss it.”–Bueller 

Yes, I did just quote Ferris in the opening of my blog post.

Life moves pretty fast even when you’re living in a developing country as a privileged expat where often the most difficult decision I have to think during the day is, what am I going to make my family for dinner? Sheesh, rough, eh?

Not to sell myself short, I do work a lot and yes it is a generalized hyperbole that the majority of my perils stem from the plight of spaghetti or lo mein.

BUT my point being, I think Bueller got something right (maybe that’s why it’s such an iconic movie). I think that we, especially my fellow fast-moving, time-obssessed, workaholic Americans need to be purposeful about slowing down and taking the time to admire and cherish the things that matter.

Which is why I present: Our Weekly Family Tradition–Sunday Night Homemade Pizza.


Without fail, no matter what, Mike and I always throw together a 100% homemade pizza every Sunday night (okay so we didn’t make the pepperoni, grow the veggies, or ferment the cheese) but we do make the crust and sauce…that’s still impressive right?

This process takes awhile because in Malawi you have to make literally everything. That means that our pizza sauce starts out as fresh tomatoes that have to be boiled, peeled, pureed, and cooked with veggies and spices which are blended to make the perfect combination of Italian perfection!

The crust is the same, having to be made from the very basics. Now Mike and I…okay, mostly Mike, have got this down to an art form.

We make our dough and sauce in large quantities and put them in the freezer for easier prep for the next week. We have the timing down perfect so that the pie comes out with JUST the right crispiness and crunch.

This whole process, and it IS quite the process is time consuming to say the least. So why do we continue to devote so much time every Sunday? It’s because it is our sacred family time.

All of us stay in the kitchen together and play a part. David is engaged with his toys, banging his pots and “chirping” his affirmations of the happenings. Mike makes the dough while I start in on the sauce; we each play our role.

From start to finish pizza takes us about three hours and those are some of the best hours of our week.

I can’t say that I’m organized enough or dedicated enough to sustain any other tradition but Sunday Night Pizza at the Miller’s is here to stay!

What family traditions are non-negotiables for you?





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