Walking with Christ through Motherhood

Yes, I am just writing my Mother’s Day reflection now #RealLifeMotherhood.

I find myself having one of those mornings where everything is surreal in its perfection. I have a day off of work for yet another  public holiday which means Mary’s off of work and it’s just David and me for the entire day (Mike’s moving offices). I just laid David down to sleep after a long morning of playing and cleaning. He helped me to vacuum, wash the dishes and make waffles for Mike before he left for work–I love days like today!

My Handsomes Pose for Pictures

As I laid David down for his nap, I put on the lullaby CD I used to listen to when I was his age: “Sleep Sound in Jesus” by: Michael Card. I absolutely adore this CD 1. Because it brings me back to a time when I was tiny and 2. Because the messages are so positive and 3. It makes me cry like a baby every time (in a good way! You know, “Mom crying”)

I’m not always perfect, but I do try to immerse David in God as much as possible throughout the day. I attempt to remind myself daily that my ultimate goals are to get Michael and David into Heaven.

One of David’s favorite things to do is to read his Bible, My Very First Bible Stories that Grandma El Marouani gave him. We’ve read that book so many times that it’s beginning to fall apart. The pages are worn and I can tell that David knows when I’m “skipping over some parts” he’ll give me a puzzled look before trying to turn the page like Umm…Mom? I think we’ve read this enough times for me to know what you’re supposed to be reading and that’s not it.

It’s difficult on a day-to-day basis to stay grounded in the things that matter. Placing God before all else is something that has to be purposeful and intentional it doesn’t just happen. It’s like any other relationship in your life and it takes handwork and dedication.

Two days ago I was walking by our icon of Jesus on our Jesus Table (yes he has his own table at our house) and I felt as though He were saying: “Do you love me?” Of course I said “Yes” but then he said, “Prove it.” It made me realize that recently, I haven’t been intentional enough in my pursuit of Jesus.

I appreciate when God gives me reality check moments like this. It gives me the space to reflect on my relationship with him and see how it’s directly affecting my relationship and role as a wife and mother.

Being a mom is something I cherish more and more every day as I watch the miracle that is my son grow and change and kiss baby Jesus in his Bible without my prompting. I love watching him grow in his love for Christ and know that I am helping to guide him towards and deep and meaningful relationship with our Lord!


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