Daddy’s Home

Welcome Home, Michael.

Welcome Home, Michael.

This past week Mike was gone on a business trip for 7 days! I know, for those of you who have traveling spouses this length of time may seem insignificant but to me, a newly driving, full-time working, pregnant Momma with an energetic toddler, it was excruciating.

Time seemed to stand-still last week as David and I anxiously counted down the days until ‘Da-Da’ came home to us again. David had the hardest time as I couldn’t explain to him that Mike indeed would be home soon. Towards the end, he would walk around aimlessly babbling various forms of Dad.

Lucky for us, Mary stayed with us in the house and helped me out with D while I was at work. I felt a lot more secure with Mary in the house even though I’m not sure what a 4 foot, 100 pound person could actually do if something were to happen, ha!

During the week, we went on a few adventures. David and I took Mary down to Bee’s Books which is a small business that sells books that have been donated from the U.K. for only 100mk (about $.25 a book). We stayed and looked for a couple of hours and D and I walked around the area, Chilimoni and bought some popcorn from a street vendor and then fed it to the local chickens walking around.

David also met a new friend, Esther, similar in age to David she was overly thrilled to be meeting a baby boy and cornered him against the bookcase in a giant bear hug. It was hysterical as I watched all of this transpire. You can tell that he has Mike’s personality as the imposed-hug caused David to literally stand still because he was so uncomfortable.

Mike’s time away also gave me time to paint a few things around the house like a chalkboard cupboard for David and a blue wall in our entry way. Nothing like a few surprises when you return home from a work trip.

All in all, Mike’s time away made me realize how thankful I am that he is a supportive and strong husband and father. In Malawi, we are around each other almost 24/7 and it becomes easy to take each other for granted. So although the time apart was extremely difficult, it was nice to have a reminder of just how blessed we truly are.


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