The Mrs. aka Alexandra Miller

I went to college to become a high school English teacher and upon graduation, have been teaching ever since!

Alex Miller

Alex Miller

My first year I taught at Sigourney Jr./Sr. High School in Sigourney, Iowa and my second year I taught at Indianola High School in Indianola, Iowa. In between, I subbed and have been working for the last few months at Saint Andrew’s International High School in Blantyre, Malawi.

I absolutely love working with youth and teaching with all of my heart! I know that this is the calling that God gave me and I hope I can always work with youth within some capacity.

It was while teaching at Indianola (Mike’s hometown) that Mike and I began to grow close and I was able to fall in love with him and his family at the same time.

Last year I made the very difficult decision of giving up teaching for the opportunity to travel with Mike and live with him in Malawi (@ the time we weren’t even engaged…talk about a leap of faith).

God has asked me to do some pretty drastic things over the first couple of months, and has blessed me abundantly through every “Yes!” that I have given Him.

Why I love traveling: I love traveling because it gives me the opportunity to experience different cultures and to share that with others.

What I love about being Catholic: How rich, and beautiful the faith is. Becoming Catholic was the first time I really truly reflected on the journey Jesus Christ made for us through my reflection during the Sorrowful Mysteries (which are still my favorite).

Hardest part about giving up teaching: The kids. I love showing others compassion through my teaching and challenging my students to do the same; I will truly miss this….fortunately, when Mike and I got to Malawi I got a teaching job at Saint Andrew’s High School teaching English! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Mrs. aka Alexandra Miller

  1. Hey Mrs. Miller,
    It’s Meg from Indianola High School. I need a little bit of help from you for National Honor Society. I was hoping I could get your email. I hope you see this soon!
    Thanks a ton,

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