Out Our Window

Glasgow, Scotland

This is the view from our window; it’s absolutely gorgeous!

While we have been in Glasgow, I have had lots of time to think about various things. Above all, this experience has given me the time to re-focus my personal relationship with God.

Mike and I have been very purposeful about praying our rosaries together every day and it’s beyond refreshing to know that I have married a man that will ALWAYS, undoubtedly, no matter what, even when I waiver, love God so absolutely.

So, to show Mike how blessed I am that he’s in my life, and that he chose to marry me, I’ve been attempting to do small things every day to show him how much I care about him. For example, I’ve been washing all of our clothes in the bathtub while he’s at work. I could do this when he’s home, but I really want to focus on him when he gets back.

I clean the hotel room, write him love notes, rub his feet. I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone deserves undivided attention and affection. I think where we put our time really shows how much we care about someone.

I mean, I could tell Mike that they’re his clothes too and that he should help me out, BUT well, one, I’m not working and two, I think God calls us to show others his compassion in small ways.

On that note, I’ve been trying, subtly to put God more into my everyday life. What I mean is, telling people, “God bless you.” Or, today I lost my iPhone and had to run back to the store to go get it. When the man handed it back to me I said, “Praise God! He is SO good!”

Saying these things aren’t exactly comfortable, because you never know how others may react, but I’ve reached a point in my faith (Thank you, God!) where I don’t care anymore. God calls us to be purposeful, obnoxious, courageous, radical for Him!

I’m not writing this post to point out how I am such a “great Christian.” Rather, I am writing this post to give other Christians encouragement, and so that I can look back at it when needed and re-evaluate my life and priorities; giving God all the glory.

Perhaps if we all prayed when we were in restaurants before meals, or said things like, I’ll be praying for you when someone is struggling…maybe these small changes would radically change our faith, and our world.

Tonight, Mike and I are going down to the river, grabbing some sandwiches, praying our rosaries, and walking. Being centered in God may not always be the easiest to accomplish, as I find myself constantly re-evaluating my thoughts, actions, and words on a daily basis…but it certainly provides an all-encompassing peace I have found nowhere else.

Until next time, Cheers! As they say… 🙂


Out Our Window

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